BCT Oil and Gas is a division of BCT (Bahwan CyberTek), an expansion of BCT's software, services and consulting business. With development teams and technical experts around the world we have some of the industries most talented people. The team has in-depth knowledge of Oil and Gas Geo-technical Applications, Integration, Data Standards and Practices making BCT Oil & Gas a natural partner for any organization.



An enabler for a Digital E&P Business

The result of many combined years in the data management, application development, and upstream oil and gas arena, Geodatafy combines traditional data management best practices in a modern modular applications framework. Geodatafy can integrate between proprietary subsurface data sources,

  • Integrate E&P Business and Technical Data
  • Understand the State and Value of your Data
  • Easily Compare Data (selection A<>B) "side by side"
  • Visualize Data directly with Geodatafy or send to 3rd party analytical Tools
  • Unlock the Value of Information Across your Organization
  • Prep for Cloud, Facilitate Tranformation and Digitalization

TIBCO OpenSpirit

To create fit-for-purpose workflows that meet the specialized needs of E&P professionals today, oil and gas companies worldwide are seeking more effective and efficient methods of connecting diverse applications and data repositories. TIBCO OpenSpirit is your solution for multi-vendor application and data interoperability.

By using OpenSpirit integration solutions customers can:

  • Dramatically improve the productivity of users by providing more timely access to data. Customers report in excess of 90% savings in time in accessing data. What used to take 5 days may now take 2 minutes
  • Improve the quality of decisions by incorporating all the relevant data
  • Avoid costly mistakes in transferring data by having unit and coordinate conversions automatically done, avoid intermediary exchange file formats
  • Choose "best of breed" applications from diverse vendors without sacrificing interoperability
  • Lower cost of switching application vendors and avoid vendor "lock-in"

Where are we based

We have people in the following locations:

Houston TX, United States | Dubai, United Arab Emirates | London, United Kingdom | Chennai, India

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