A platform for the next generation of E&P data usage, designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind. We understand the challenges most organizations are working with especially key topics such as cloud hosting, data lakes, mergers and acquisitions, convergence etc

The technology is modular by design introducing richer capabilities that scales with your user base.

Geodatafy Modules -

Geodatafy Core

Geodatafy core is the engine room of the solution, it provides the end users with search and discovery, coordinated using built-in scheduling and administrative tools the control is with your domain specialists. The business outcome is to provide access to the data they need when they need it. The core component is highly performant, with sub second query response times within millions of records. Geodatafy core alone has the ability to transform your working practices, breathing new life in to poor performing applications.


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Geodatafy Insight

Geodatafy insight is the ability to send selected data from Geodatafy to a third party Visualization tool, by quickly and efficiently finding the data you need a knowledge worker can then send these results to trigger views in your analytical tooling. Imagine a TIBCO Spotfire report connected to production statistical data and filtered with the results to only those you have identified in Geodatafy at the click of a button.

Supported Visualizations – TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI + Custom Charting

** Custom charting is the ability to send selection to any java script enabled framework, this opens up possibilities for pre-canned web reports etc **


Geodatafy Visualizations

Petrel Indexing

Petrel is a key technology used by geoscientists today and we understand the importance of understanding the value of the data contained within. Due to the nature of the technology its often the case to see many copies of the same projects located across an organization, these modules help understand the content (including data relationships), uniqueness and simple what’s out there.


Geodatafy Petrel Corporate Indexer

Centralised Petrel indexing that runs from the Geodatafy server, does not tie up workstation resources and is a clean solution to indexing corporate accessible projects. Index definitions and scheduled are managed on the Geodatafy server making the setup and management easy for a data manager or power user.


Geodatafy Petrel Desktop Manager

The Petrel desktop manager provides a solution that runs on a geoscientists workstation, this allows you to access the projects that are not shared within your corporate network shares. Management of job definitions are manage via a simple to use user interface directly on end user workstation, so to is the scheduling.


Geodatafy Data Quality

Analyzing data quality is typically a challenge across diverse data sets, with Geodatafy we perform quality checks across out indices making this process extremely quick. An easy to use interface allows a power user to create from simple to complex rules to execute across all data for a given ‘project’. Project is for may data source an entity in its own right but with Geodatafy we provide the capability for you to create virtual projects – thus allowing grouping of data in common. Data types within your projects are not restricted, in other word a project called ‘HQ_Data” for example could contain data coming from several different technologies stacks, perhaps in-house databases, proprietary geotechnical applications, spreadsheets, GIS data and so on.

QC runs can be initiated on-the-fly or scheduled for a time of less activity. You get to send data identified as non-compliant (or scoring poorly) to a knowledge worker for analyse and your organization is able to see a journey over time of the data quality improving (visually)


Quality Check Reporting

Watch your data quality increase over time