Dealing with data for the connected E&P world      

The Geodatafy Platform - An enabler for a Digital E&P Business

The result of many combined years in data management and application development in the upstream oil and gas arena,

Geodatafy brings together traditional data management best practices in a modern modular applications framework.

Geodatafy converges E&P data to provide a single place to find, verify, analyse and utilise your data. It helps breakdown departmental and data silos, unlocking the value in all your data

  • Integrate E&P Business and Technical Data
  • Understand the State and Value of your Data
  • Easily Compare Data (selection A<>B) "side by side"
  • Compare projects "side by side"
  • Run Quality Check scoring across data in Geodatafy to show the validity
  • Visualize Data directly with Geodatafy or send to 3rd party analytical Tools
  • Unlock the Value of Information Across your Organization
  • Prep for Cloud, Facilitate Transformation and Digitalization


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Geodatafy 2.1 is here


Geodatafy 2.1 Release

The next generation of Geodatafy is here. 2.1 brings end user enhancements, data transfer, performance improvements and extended capabilities.

Here's the details:


Enhanced end user experience:

  • Less clicks
    • Reducing the amount of navigation clicks to get to filters, now a user can launch a datatype with a filter panel

  • Filter by selected polygon
    • A user can now select a polygon (example 3d survey) and automatically filter all other data to just this polygon.


  • Launch or View Documents
    • Providing new ways to launch documents, either by selecting an item in the table and clicking the document icon or using by using the original 'View' button
    • Adding a choice of viewing documents options too,  1) Within the web browser (as we did in version 2.0) or 2) via the application you normally use when opening a file on your workstation, for example Adobe reader for PDF, Word for word docs and so on.

  • QC Chart enhancements
    • Additional views in QC charts, now you can sort the data by datatype or by project (listed by datasource & project)

  • Data Tree
    • Sort data types into the "Data tree", this was introduced at the end of 2.0 but provides the ability to sort data types into logical groups

  • Heat Maps
    • Display heat maps, this too was introduced at the end of 2.0, one of the mapping enhancements that allows a user to see a heat map representation of data when the number of items exceeds the display / row limit set - e.g I have a row limit of 5,000 items set and I have 10,000 items in an area. This is good for gauging the distribution of data at a high-level.



  • Shortcuts
    • Ability to add shortcuts to other web applications from the main Geodatafy page, a simple but useful enhancement when Geodatafy is embedded in work workflows.

  • Tags
    • Now you can add tags to your data, with the ability to tag your data you can add useful metadata to the data in Geodatafy, perhaps you want to mark data as 'Gold' or 'Best' or ... anything you choose. QC rules can use tags too, imagine rules that deal with millions of items of data, checking completeness and pattern quality plus tagged as 'good' or 'gold'. These tags can also be used to filter - show only data in this area where the tag 'Final' exists 

Data transfer:

  • Introduced in the 2.0 release we continue the functionality of data transfer, the out of the box ability to transfer data between TIBCO OpenSpirit data sources is there and the framework and examples (available with the SDK) of custom data transfer has continued to be developed. The open ended ability to transfer data from A to B utilises design patterns and the framework of Geodatafy. We have many use cases where this has been used. Ref to Geodatafy SDK when asking about data transfer.


  • As with all good applications staying up to date with the 'right' components is key, 2.1 includes updates to our search engine, mapping framework and web app components. 

Extended capabilities:

  • We introduced a plug-in framework that allows your development teams to your own button/s to the main application. This would allow you to start an external process / application using the key from selected Geodatafy data. 


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